Kodak E100 Slides Films
OK Film! Yes film. There is still nothing more impressive than a six foot image projected in a darkened room . LCD projection has come a long way in the past few years, but 35mm slides still rule.
Several years ago Kodak introduced a series of professional slide films - E100G, E100GX and E100VS. All three films have a very fine gain structure, and high resolution so what’s the difference?
Kodak E100G will deliver an image which has a very neutral in color balance - true to life colors. This film is a good choice for shots of people, products and even copy shots of art work where the goal is exact color reproduction.
Whenever I shoot in the late afternoon sun I just love the warmth of the light, well that’s just what Kodak has done with our next film. With Kodak E100GX Kodak has added a warm glow to this emulsion. E100GX is a good choice for shooting in the shade or on an overcast day. It will also reproduce  warm skin tones as through shooting with a 81B filter. It’s also a good for people who shot Kodachrome but can’t sit still for two weeks to have their film processed.
Kodak E100VS is my favorite slide film for scenery. The reds and greens just jump off the screen! In this film Kodak has pumped up the color saturation and contrast for a color balance that is very snappy. Use this film when you want better than life color. This is a great film for things and natural places but not if your main subject is people as the skin tones are on the red side
Experiment. Buy a roll of each, grab your camera and have fun!
Kodak E100 Slide Films
Monday, July 17, 2006